Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Shmeaster

Well, it's Spring! I'm so excited to finally get to open my windows and watch the curtains blow in the wind - sometimes it's a little too windy and all the pictures on the fridge blow off into space.

Well, with Spring comes Easter - just another candy fest to me but I usually break down and make a special week for the kids. I usually host a family gathering involving plenty of food topped off with a giant egg hunt. This week will be spent, apart from schooling and normal household duties, stuffing easter eggs and preparing for the crowd. Not to mention we have to color eggs.

Here are the eggs we decorate (blue Kroger container) and the unadulterated eggs we eat.

As you can see, I have the annual Easter decor out and the giant bag-uh-eggs to stuff for hiding this weekend. This is the bag-uh-eggs I'm responsible for - there will be more. Each group of parents has to bring a bag-uh-eggs to add to the ever-growing number. The HubbaKids are all in a frenzy asking me every half hour when Easter will be here.

Finding special treats for the Easter basket is always a feat in itself - trying to find at least one chocolate bunny without a peanut warning. When I was a kid, the chocolate bunny was always the one special thing in the Easter basket - at least it was for me. Forget about the jelly beans, just give me my chocolate bunny. Even better if it was hollow - it was easier to break a piece off for munching. A solid bunny was good too - you could walk around with the whole bunny and nibble on the ears.

But... here at our house we don't get many bunny choices. We pretty much have to buy the one without the warning:

may contain peanuts
made in a factory which also processes peanuts, tree nuts, and various other nuts
processed in a facility with peanuts
processed on a machine which also processes peanut products
made by a person who ate peanut products for lunch and may have breathed on this product

We don't get to buy the specially designed bunny with tall ears. No choice between solid or hollow bunnies. By the time we get home we have read the package to every chocolate bunny at WalMart, Target, Kroger and various other candy pushing facilities. Luckily, we have the SHOTS! We own two of these twin packs. One set stays in my purse and the other with The Hubbs or any other person HubbaDood accompanies apart from me.

Here's a link to a site I found yesterday while searching for lyrics to "Here Comes Peter CottonTail". It's funny. HubbaDette and I sat here at the computer playing it over and over while singing with the cheezy accompaniment. It was a good time listening to her laugh and giggle. Hope you enjoy it as well.

The HubbaKids this morning after breakfast. I guess there was something interesting in the mulch.

Hope everyone has a fun and Happy Easter!


EmmaSometimes said...

HE IS RISEN!!! yeah!!

Badoozie said...

awwwww cute kidies looking at something wiggly no doubt.

it sounds like everyone is feeling better, it's good to see you hubbadubba's are all back to your usual tricks.

now, lets talk about "unadulterated" eggs. what does this mean? does this mean, that the two chickens responsible are married? what happens if you eat adulterated eggs? do you get hairy palms?

that is crummy about the peanut allergy. with as many people that have peanut allergy, you would think it would be easier to find chocolate. maybe you should google it, or go to See's candies online next time, i would not want to waste all the time reading labels. especially when you can shop from the convenience of your own home.

Anne said...

Em - What's up?

Badoozer - Thou shalt not commit eggdultery. You won't get hairy palms but you WILL get hairy ears.

Alice said...

Oh crumbs, that must really suck; Easter with a peanut allergey.

I've never seen any chocolate at all that doesn't have that warning.

But, there, you know, there ARE some places that sell totally nut free chocolate bunnies though, right?


Oh there has to be. There just HAS to be. It's not like there is only one kid in the entire world allergic to nuts.

God, I hope there is.

Oh please let there be someone, somewhere that makes them. The thought of any kid never having the opportunity to ever horribly devour a delicious chocolate easter bunny just makes me feel sick...

Meow said...

Sounds like you are in for some fun, games and eating over Easter. Hope you have a wonderful time ... good luck with the peanut allergy :(
Take care, Meow :)

Reverberate58 said...

Aren't allergies the meanest? Hope you and yours have a great Easter.

Anne said...

Alice - There IS a chocolate bunny!!! We found one!

Meow - Thanks - yes, we're going to have a big time.

58 - Yes it's awful to have to deal with.

I hope all of you all have a great Easter weekend. It's going to be wonderful here except too hot for this time of year - in the 80s. It's typically in the lower 70s. Not kidding, it's 2:00 p.m. and I'm about to sweat sitting her typing.

Bar Bar A said...

Thanks for bringing back some good Easter memories for me - I loved coloring eggs, etc. with my son!

Easter Blessing to you and the Doos!

Aunt Jo said...

You make me want to sing
"The Bunny Song" from The Veggie you remember it? Shall I sing it for everyone??

I went to the store tonight and dropped a whole dozen eggs as I was putting them in the car. Thank Heaven only one busted, but that made me remember....I need to get stuff to color eggs tomorrow. My girls are very crafty and if they had it their way we would hot glue stuff to our eggs.

Hope you all have a great weekend and HubbaDood gets some chocolate. Mom why don't you make him his own special bunny? ;o)

Anne said...

Barbara - Thanks for the Easter wishes. We colored our eggs today and they were so excited. I'm glad we did it. Now I've got to figure out how to eat 12 boiled eggs.

Aunti J - Never fear, the chocolate bunnies are here - and peanut free! I guess I could melt a bunch of Hershey's Kisses and mold them into a giant chocolate bunny. Actually, one of the bunnies we found as Hershey's brand.

Lavender Dawn said...

Food allergies are terrible. My son is allergic to milk. It makes him ill and crazy and he is addicted to it. Its like giving him crack and he doesn't like soy milk. Its ok cooked in things or in pudding, but not in cereal or in a glass. organic eggs- cool. My mil used to raise chickens and always sold their eggs to the local store. I just liked getting free eggs!

Fred said...

Happy Easter, Anne. Hope it was a great one!

Anne said...

Dawn Marie - I would love to have my own chickens but I don't think the neighbors would like it. That milk allergy is awful too. HubbaDood used to have milk problems when he was a baby but not any more. Our biggest issue is the peanut allergy.

Fred -Happy Easter to you as well - hope you didn't eat too many chocolate bunnies.