Saturday, April 22, 2006

Derby Shmerby

Well, just a quick post to let you guys know that I'm still alive over here. I sent The Hubbs to the grocery to get food for the grill since we have last minute company. Here in these parts, today is the kickoff of the Kentucky Derby. This 2 week long celebration (which used to be just a week celebration but I guess some folks figured people needed another week of partying) is kicked off by what we call Thunder Over Louisville. We make no attempts to attend this event, at least for now, since the crowd is so unbelievably huge and I just don't feel like it. It IS pretty cool though. I think I heard it was one of the largest firework displays in the country. Maybe one day we'll head down there for it.

At about 3:00 on the afternoon they start an air show which is cool also. The cool part for us is the planes fly all the way down the Ohio river to where we are to turn and head back to downtown Louisville. The kids get a big kick (and so does The Hubbs and me) out of hearing and watching all the neat planes fly over.

There are all kinds of events going to during this two weeks before the Derby. We'll try to attempt to take the kids to the
balloon glow next weekend if it doesn't rain too much. That's the only bad part about Derby time - the rain and cold. Some years though, we have excellent weather like today - 75 degrees and sunny! Good day for grillin' I'd say!

Well, best be headin' into the kitchen. I will leave you guys with a picture of HubbaDood and his daddy holding the catfish they caught this morning. HubbaDood was pretty proud of that.

This made a tastey treat for lunch today - love that fried catfish!!


Badoozie said...

the man has on gloves? and the boy does not? what has happened here

this sounds fun, and i hope you get to enjoy a little bit of it

toodle doooooo

come over the the gobhole for a picture meme you can actually do without having to clean anything, or show any body parts

Badoozie said...

what is the meaning of that shirt your son has on?

does hubbadad know you are posting his third chin?

i'm very funny, i know. i delete all pictures of myself where I am looking down. and if someone else takes one, i confiscate their camera and destroy it. I too, have a third chin.

Anne said...

You are just too funny for you own good Badoozer!

Foo said...

Mmmm... catfish. I don't care if they do eat all the gunk off the bottom of the lake. There's not much better than corn-breaded catfish fried hard and crisp.

Down here, They don't have a clue how to do catfish. Lightly breaded with white flour and fried like a Gorton's fish stick is... well, it's almost blasphemy.

Anne said...

Foo - "blasphemy" is about right! Corn meal all the way with catfish - fried crisp! YUM! I'm ready for some more.

Mrs. Diamond said...

hi, i popped over from susie's blog... i was checking out your blog and my seven year old son says, "who's that mom? your friends?"

i said, well not quite yet.

He said, "you're just starting to know them? well maybe i could be friends with that little boy!!!"

It was so cute.

Aunt Jo said...

we have a Balloon Festival in Tahlequah and I have always wanted to go but we never make it. I hope you get to enjoy some of the fun!

Does HubbaDad/Dood like to fish alot? Do they make you clean it?

Have you ever had Spoonbill? Now THAT is an odd fish, but boy they taste good with Italian bread crumbs and fried. I haven't had it in years.....

Meow said...

Wow, that's a decent sized fish. Bet it tasted good.
Enjoy the Festival.
Take care, Meow

Anne said...

Mrs. D - That is so sweet to hear. HubbaDood won't be 7 until October. He passes by the computer when I'm on here and asks all kinds of questions too.

Aunti J - Yes he loves to fish as much as he can. It's so nice that The Hubbs has HubbaDood - they have so much fun together.

Meoq - It was a pretty good fish - and tastey too! Thanks!

Reverberate58 said...

How nice. I went to a Balloon Glow years ago in Florida and it was so cool. Joshua loved it. Hope the weather is good and you get to go.