Thursday, March 09, 2006

Picture Post

Okay, I'm reminiscing, getting depressed, and sharing. For the record, the ONLY reason we don't ride any more is all about money. We had to downsize when I was pregnant with HubbaDood (our first). We sold our house, our car, both motorcycles, and anything else we could depart with that would save us money. We decided I would stay home. The house didn't sell and we didn't get moved until two weeks before HubbaDood was born. I remember at the hospital looking at The Hubbs and crying my eyes out thanking him for letting me quit my job to stay home(he really wanted me to but let ME decide). It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made and I'm very thankful to have a husband who does what he does (what does he do anyway?) so that the kids and I can do what we do - whatever that is.

Okay, on with the show. In case anyone is wondering, if you see the yellow, Yamaha Seca II - that's my bike, or it was my bike. This was my last bike - I had a red one before the yellow one. Above is a picture of our bikes and the ones of the couple we were with on this particular weekend. This was our last out-of-town trip before I knew about HubbaDood. Can anyone guess where we are? Could it possibly be the Smokey Mountains? It is, it is!!!

Here's The Hubbs last bike - sweet isn't it? It was a little too heavy for me and I couldn't touch the ground either. Being 5 ft. tall doesn't help when you like to ride sport bikes.

This next one is of me in my gear - aren't I cute? It must have been a cool early morning ride.

Me and The Hubbs. We always took the opportunity to get a shot of us together. Glad we did because it's a rare occasion now. By they way, if you're wondering what's with the red bandana, it helped to prevent the big jacket from rubbing on my neck. The hat is to hide the very, very, bad hairdoo produced by the most attractive helmet I wore.

These were The Hubbs' idea. He's so inventive isn't he.

This was our favorite parking spot in Pigeon Forge before the stroll over to the Pancake Pantry for the final breakfast before heading home. I always liked to eat their French toast - yum, yum! That's me behind my YELLOW bike locking up everything before walking away.

This photo was taken in Avon, Colorado - another HSTA (Honda Sport Touring Association) trip. This was the STAR 95 trip. I can't believe it was eleven years ago. Look at that helmet head of hair. That's when I had my red Yamaha. Here's another one of The Hubbs and me being silly.

Okay, now I must go lay in the bed and recover from this depressing state I'm in after reminiscing. But, at least I've got good memories, right?

If I ever get to have another bike what color do you think I would want? You guessed it. But, I would pretty much take anything right now.


Alice said...

You are cute. Dammit. Why can't there be an ugly Blogger? Come on, just one. Then I can sympathise and say "yes, so and so, I know how you feel. Here, lets form a secret club so we can make fun of all the pretty people..."

Hi Anne! The bikes look great. Never had the guts to ride a motorbike, even as a passenger. Thanks for your comment. Feel free to rant to me (or at me, but I do have rules regarding that. You must play fair: no name calling) about whatever is on your mind whenever youj want, and I will listen. Or, read, anyhow.

Ta-tah for now. :-)

PS: I seem to be putting smiley faces a lot in comments. Seems that lately that's my thing. Ah well. :-)

Alice said...

Oh, and please forgive typos. I'm known for that, and right now to make things worse I have a plaster on my typing finger.

Anne said...

Hi Alice! Thanks for visiting with me. Sorry for the rant on your blog and I hope I didn't break the rules. I didn't mention any names specifically.

Thanks for the comment about my appearance but believe me, I'm going down hill fast in the appearance department.

Aunt Jo said...

I hope to be a motor cycle mama someday too! Went to the Smoky Mountains this Joe had an epiphany there. He will blog about it later. It is really funny and sweet.

What fun riding with your man must be.....traveling light, not having to worry about your hair, being in the wonderful weather. (what do you do if it gets stormy or rainy??)

I think you should get a purple bike next time....really be adventurous! :o)

Anne said...

When it's stormy and raining you still ride if that's all you've got. I would prefer to stay in and order pizza. I've HAD to trek out in the bad weather but it's not safe and you have to have your rain gear. The helmet gets foggy too. A purple bike sounds nice.

So Uncle Joe had an epiphany in the Smokey Mountains? Can't wait to read about that.

Bar Bar A said...

What fun...I can see why you'd be depressed at having to give this up :(

Badoozie said...

sorry it took me so long to get over here, i was being diligent and doing school work. are you all better now? these look pretty cool. and you look very happy in these pics!

Badoozie said...

uncle joe was smoking in the moutains and he had an epiphany? yikes. i take it that place is not patrolled by drug officers.

okay, i've ridden in the rain on the dunes, and it is NOT fun in any way shape or form. foggy goggles, and no visability, whoops, did i just fall off a razor back? i want my mommy!! seriously we did ride with a grown woman that fell off a razor back, did an over the bars, and cried for her mommy. we never rode with them again. there will be no CRYING. straighten up and ride like a man!

Badoozie said...

your next bike will of COURSE be hot pink! duh.

okay. lets see where to begin. don't ever spit when you have a helmet on.

does or did hubs chew tobacco?

that is only the 2nd time he has been pictured on your blog. is he okay with this, not worried some freaky blogger will track him down? alice maybe? heehee

how many hours did you ride at one time. how did you stay awake, and that is a freaking tall mountain range.

Anne said...

Oh Badoozer - it's about time you came over here next door to visit with me.

No, The Hubbs has never dabbled in tobacco products. No, he has no idea his picture is on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!!! He would FREAK OUT!!

Not sure how many hours at once. Just depended on how bad you had to potty or how bad your rear or back was worn down. I can definately "drive" longer than I can "ride".

Hi Barbara - yes, it was such a great time. But now is another great time in my life and I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

EmmaSometimes said...'ll ride again! Give it a couple'll happen!

Fred said...

Wow - really cool pictures. Looks like you guys had some good times.

Don't fret, I'll bet you'll come full circle and will be back on a hot pink bike in the future.

Meow said...

What great photos. You must have had so much fun. I'm sure you will one day relive all that, and get another bike. I'm with susie, and think it will be a pink one !! Take care, Meow

Anne said...

Emma - It will probably be more than a couple of years at the rate we're going.

Fred and Meow - we had GREAT fun! A pink bike would be cool wouldn't it? Hot pink!

Kish said...

Yeah, it will come back. you will do this again before you know it ;). The sacrifices for our kids are going to be much greater than anything in life!

Anne said...

Thanks Kish. You are so right.

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