Monday, February 13, 2006

Truth or Fiction - Revealed

Okay little ones, here it is. The one true fact amongst the fiction:

* Meg Ryan and I share the same maiden name.

Well, I DO share the same maiden name with someone famous but it's not Meg Ryan - it's Tina Turner. Anyone happen to know her maiden name (without googling it)? It's also the same last name as a famous actress.

* When I was young (preschool) I tried to run away from home but decided to turn back when I found out we were going to get to eat popcorn.

This is a truth but not about me. This happens to be a tale about my baby sister. I'm the oldest of three. I have a brother two years younger than me and a sister four and a half years younger.

* I was arrested once - only once.

Can't believe you people actually think I could be arrested. Actually, I'm just lucky I never was and that I'm still alive. This is another truth but not about me. I apparently like to tell on my sister. We happened to work for a local law firm and was at our company picnic in a public park and while my under age sister was drinking a wine cooler she spotted a cop driving through the park and she ditched the cooler but the cop saw her and arrested her. He took her down town and put her in a cell. Luckily, some of the lawyers pulled some strings and she was out pretty fast. This was about 17 years ago and she still hates to be reminded of it.

* I have a scar on the top of my left foot.

While on one of our weekly trips to the local grocery in town – the Key Market, life changed for me. I was three years old. My mom had just finished paying for our groceries so I proceeded to head out the “Out” door. Remember those? The giant black rectangular pad that you stepped on and the door magically opened. Once I was out, I noticed I was the only one out there. I decided that I would just go back in but, I headed in the same door I came out through. As I stepped on the big black pad my mom stepped on it as well from the inside. The door came right open and I happened to be placed in just the right spot for the door to cross over top of my foot and slice it right open.

My mom about flipped out! Blood was spewing everywhere but my mom says I never made a peep. She dropped her groceries all over the sidewalk and couldn’t get her car started – she was in a panic. I remember being at the hospital laying on a table licking a green sucker (I wasn’t a fan of green suckers and still don’t like them) and watching the doctors stitch up my foot. The injury came within a hair of me having a permanent limp – I was very lucky.

Now you know a little more about me. Thanks for playing everyone! Oh, and don't forget about the maiden name.

Isn't this the best lookin' foot you've ever seen?! Makes Susie's feet look pitiful. Hee Hee!


uncle joe said...

I'm a little slow today.
Are you asking for Meg's maiden name or Tina Turner's maiden name?

Anne said...

Tina Turner - wake up!

Fred said...

Dang! But, I'll sleep better tonight knowing the results. A fun post.

Meow said...

Anne, never thought you'd been arrested !!! Nice foot scar ... hope you wear it with pride !!
Take care, Meow

Kish said...

Wow, I was sure there was some "I was arrested but they had the wrong person" story or something :). But the foot one is pretty amazing. that is one heck of a scar. thanks for sharing :)>

Bar Bar A said...


Thas is traumatic!

I am glad you were never arrested but hey, I was once (it was more of a cop wanting to scare me straight when I was a teen) so I figured maybe you were too.

Foo said...

I don't know the answer about Tina Turner's maiden name (and only because I did as you asked and didn't Google), but I wish it was "Page". Tina Page.

Tina the Page Turner.

Those of us who aren't wealthy or devastatingly handsome must find entertainment in the simple things. Bits of wire. A toy made from a wooden spool, a matchstick, and a rubber band. Bad puns.

Badoozie said...

haha, very funny girly. sorry bout your scar. that can by puttied.

Anne said...

Fred - thanks - I enjoyed it as well.

Meow - I DO wear it with pride. At least it gives me something to talk about some times.

Kish - I'm glad being arrested is ONE thing I haven't done.

Barbara - So, did it work?

Foo - say what?

Badoozer - I guess putty fixes anything?

Anyway, Tina Turner's maiden name is "Bullock" and the actress would be "Sandra Bullock".