Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Well, we've got sickness in the house today. All was going just like normal this morning - a little bit of school work before breakfast. But today, my little man kept trying to lay his head on the table saying he was tired. I figured he was playing games with me as usual. If you only knew what it's like most of the time with getting school work done each day - rolling eyes, huffin' and puffin', sliding out of the chair, slamming arms down - you name it and he tries it.

Well, we got our "before breakfast" work done and headed down to the kitchen for some soynut butter and jelly toast for him and oatmeal for her. All was still going well except for the nightmare of dirty dishes all over the countertop that I left behind. Yes, Suzie Badoozie, you missed it!

Now, later this morning my son begins to say his stomach is bothering him and as usual (I'm such a bad mom) I blew it off thinking he just needed to do his business. Well, while trying to post my WordPoint I hear his voice shriek "MOM! I have to burp and it won't come out!!!!" You can guarantee I wasn't blowing him off this time. I flew from this chair like I only weighed a hundred pounds. I grabbed his hand and gently but quickly guided him to the bathroom while he had a look of terror in his pasty white face. By the time we got to the doorway it came - splatt! right on the floor. OH MY!!! I'm not used to vomit, puke, upchucking - whatever you want to call it. My son is 6 and we haven't had vomit in our house since he was about 9 months old with a stomach virus. He about dehydrated at that time - it was a pretty bad virus. The only other "stomach" episode we've had was when my daughter puked up iced tea at Cracker Barrel - that was funny (after the fact). You know how you're sitting at one of those dinky tables in the middle of the room all squished in with other people you don't know? Well, all of a sudden (after she had downed a whole child-sized cup of tea without my knowing it) out the tea came just as pretty as you please while everyone is trying to eat.

Back to the little man. The poor child has no idea what to do and I'm holding the back of his head wanting to scream but using my calm voice saying "put your head in the hole". He kept trying to fight me from holding his head in place and then the next wave would hit and onto the floor it went AGAIN. I don't even know why I bothered heading to the bathroom.

Well, it's about 4:30 in the afternoon here and at least his aim is getting better. I guess I'll be staying home from church tonight. Hope everyone has a pleasant evening.


Badoozie said...

oh boy. i hate when the little ones are puking. it is so miserable for them. my son is a heavy sleeper, and he would sit straight up, puke all over, and lay right back down and go to sleep. well, i always found it, because i'm a nighttime checker, and have been since he was born. it was horrible, getting him up in the middle of the night, and cleaning him up. he wouldn't remember it next day

i wonder what is wrong with your son, so you have any clues?

Anne said...

I have NO clue. It's gotten worse since earlier. He's got the dry heaves and can't keep a bit of liquid down. He hasn't been to the potty (1 or 2) since this morning. Like I said, we don't have this in our house so I'm not very good at it. The last time he puked (about 20 minutes ago) he looked like he was convulsing and all that came up was mucus. I feel so bad for him that I just want to cry.

I'm a night checker too but I'll probably be sleeping with him in his bed tonight.

Meow said...

Oh, Anne, that's so not fair. The poor little kid. It's cruel, isn't it. Wonder what's wrong, hope it doesn't last long. Don't you wish you could just take it away from him. Take care, Anne, and look after yourself as well. Hope you get some sleep. Meow xx

Foo said...

Sorry to hear your little guy's sick, Anne. Up-chuckage and all the dehydration, weakness and nausea that come with it are no fun.

Your post made me think back, and I realised that I have to go all the way back to the '60s and parochial school to recall a time when I hurled. At least, the last time I hurled because of a virus.

At that time, I think it was the Hong Kong flu. I can still remember how the nuns used to line us all up, single-file, and march us to the restrooms. Then, if there was one kid who was sick, everyone else would get a whiff and the chain reaction would begin. In the midst of all this, I was always fascinated by the red sawdust the janitor used to clean up. I always wondered how dinner party conversations went for the guys who made that stuff.

"So, Bob. What do you do?"

"Well, Gene, I have to tell you I'm nicely situated in a growth industry. We make Red Sawdust. It's like Zip-Zorb for vomit. We're hotter than plastics, you know."

Especially during a flu epidemic.

Get well soon, Hubba-dood.

Anne said...

Thanks you guys for stopping by and letting us know you're thinking about "Hubba-dood".

Fred said...

Hope he's all well by now.