Friday, January 27, 2006

Ultimate Back Scratcher

I was thinking about this after a superb back massage last night from The Hubbs. He bought me a really cool massager for Christmas, one like our chiropractor uses after an adjustment. The only downside is... well... it makes my back itch somethin' fierce! I don't believe I have ever itched this bad! I just want to rip my skin off!

Well, since I can't reach my back very well with the Ultimate Back Scratcher (pictured here), I have to resort to the Ultimate Back Scratcher II - a comb. Not just any comb. I have to purchase these at Sally's Beauty Supply. This is the ONLY thing I drive across town to purchase from this store. This last time I bought four of them. They seem to disappear quite easily. Besides being the Ultimate Back Scratcher II, this comb is the best comb on the planet. It's a comb and a brush all in one and is great for a little hair teasing.

I highly recommend these for anyone needing a little hair teasing AND a back scratcher you can always depend on. But, like any other back scratcher, they disappear easily - sometimes down in the couch. You'll want to have more than one.

Here is my Ultimate Back Scratcher II/comb. You would be wise to GET ONE!!

P.S. To those of you who know I play guitar - no I don't have these nails all the time. I take time off every now and then to let my nails grow out. Sometimes a girl likes to let others know she CAN grow her OWN nice fingernails. And yes, they are pretty and white on their own.


Foo said...

My ultimate backscratcher (since it creeps Sweetie out to user her nails on me) is an old wooden thing that my youngest sister gave me one Christmas before she had money to buy presents. It's about two feet long with a curved, flattened end notches to look a little like it has fingers.

My sister personalized the gift by etching my name into it with my old wood burner. I love that old thing.

Anne said...

It's funny how many people don't like to scratch others "under the shirt." I was the Ultimate Back Scratcher for my Dad when I was growing up.

When The Hubbs tries to scratch my back (notice I said "tries") all he does it make it itch worse than before.

Badoozie said...

i can't tell they were fake

your link to sally isn't working

massagers make me itch too. hot tub jets make me itch. walking in the cold makes my thighs itch. i'm pretty much an itchy person.

i'll post a pic of a backscratcher we got for christmas fro gotschalks that seems to be the best one i've ever had. its of course broke already, so it has glue, and red electrical tape on it. niceeeeeeeee

have a great weekend, don't forget to check in for your challenge tonight.

Anne said...

The challenge is tonight?! I'm shaking!

Hey, these nails of mine are NOT fake - this is the real deal chickie!

That's the problem with backscratchers - they break. My combe NEVER breaks.

The Sally link works on MY end. Maybe it's user error?

Meow said...

Anne, that's a nice set of nails you have there ... I can't seem to grow them that even, mine always break. Oh,well, it is hard to type with long nails, anyway.
Love the look of your comb ... wonder if I can get one here ??? Must look into it !!
Take care, meow

~Jennifer said...

What pretty hands you have! I have to keep my nails short because i have eczema and I'll scratch the skin right off my body before I even realize it. :-P

Badoozie said...

well user error is not a problem on this end. you are getting awfully sassy. i'm pretty sure there is a rule about that on the gobhole manual of rules, section 102, paragraph 5. no sassing the gobhole girl.

we have a sally store here, i'm going to look for the combs, because i want my feet scratched, and you know how it is scratching them yourself, it doesn't work.

Badoozie said...
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Fred said...

No problem about them falling down the couch. Pretty soon, Susie will have us all lifting the cushions again for round two; we'll find them then.

Aunt Jo said...

I am envious of those beautiful nails! I try and try to grow mine but they peel....very annoying. You should paint them and post again. Where is your jewelry?

Back scritch scratches....aaahhhhh i like having Joe just rub my back...not a massage just rub. Makes me relax and say 'sigh'.

Hey that might be a good idea for pictures....your fav piece of jewelry.......just a thought and since you actually have a camera and CAN can use it if you want to. :o)

Badoozie said...

wheres the word point, !!!!!!

need my daily dose, dr hubba banana anna

Anne said...

Meow - You ain't kiddin' about the typing. It takes me forever with these nails. I'm about ready to chop them off.

Jennifer - I NEED to keep mine short so I can play my guitar but every now and then I just have to let them go.

Suzie B - You need to get these combs. They are the best! I'll try to get the WordPoint up today. I've told you the weekends are busy for me.

Aunti J - I don't wear much jewelry and especially not while I'm home - only the wedding band at home.

Bar Bar A said...

Great nails! Mine used to grow out like that and I loved it. Now...they look pretty pathetic. Oh well. My toes look good :)

I'll have to get one of those combs!

Anne said...

Barbara - It's good to have nice toes. If I show my toes I would scare a lot of people. I don't like to polish my finger or toenails - I have maintenance issues.