Thursday, January 05, 2006


Sucanat, Sucanat, we like Sucanat! (to be said like a rhythmic cheer). Yes, this is my kitchen counter and my plump bag of Sucanat.

I finally made it to the health food store this week. I usually go after I leave my chiropractor but my appointments with him have been so late in the day that I've decided to head home each time. On the same day as my appointment, my son has percussion lessons at 2:15 so we head to the chiro after that. I finally decided I needed some Sucanat so I toughed it out and swung by Whole Foods. I didn't get home until 6:30 that evening - traffic was the biggest problem. Oh well.

On to Sucanat. I am so glad to find this stuff. I was told about it a few years ago but it went in one ear and out the other as some things do. It's high in potassium and better for your body. Do a google search. It's great stuff!


~Jennifer said...

That's another thing we have in common. My son plays drums too. :-)

I've never heard of sucanat, is that like, suck a gnat?

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm a fan of Splenda, but I'm sure your stuff is better for the body.

Badoozie said...

i'm planning on trying the suck a gnat. very funny J-girl. you're being a little silly heart today.

now anne.....i saw on JD's blog the real reason you don't have any pics of hubby. and all this time, i thought maybe you made him up, and really, he is buried in the back yard.
so i'm mucho relieved.

Anne said...

JDawn - I try to avoid the artificial stuff (I DO live in the world though). I use Stevia if I want a natural sweetener other than sugar. I don't always have it in my purse when I'm out though (in the event I don't have my giant bottle of water).

Susie Q - you are just tooooo funny. I'm always finding new names for things.

I'm going to try to put a picture of all of us on here but it will probably be after the weekend. My son has his first real basketball game today and my weekends are usually full of family stuff.

Bar Bar A said...

I've heard of it but never tried it. I admire you for taking such care in what you put in your body, I don't always do that.