Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Fridge

Blame this on Suzie Badoozie - she's got us all workin' again. Here's my freezer - not much to see here. Below is the fridge all stocked up and ready to go for about a week.

I just happened to go to the grocery yesterday otherwise all you would see are the leaky messes all over the shelves. Sorry for the blurry pictures - maybe I can convince The Hubs to buy us (me) a good digital camera for my upcoming birthday.

Have a great weekend everyone. If I have time I will post today's WordPoint. It's almost 12:00 and I've made sausage and eggs for breakfast, cleaned it up, baked and frosted a cake, and now heading to the shower to get ready for my son's basketball game and heading to a potluck dinner with our congregation this evening. Lot's to do this weekend.


Badoozie said...

sweet mother mary, have mercy on us, that fridge is packed. watch your toes when you open that one up.

i see yogurt, whipped cream in a can, and i think that's whole milk, naughty.

i also see juice boxes. do you shop at safeway?

the pic is too blurry. when is your birthday, let me at hubby, and i'll have a little chat with him. he needs to understand, that when we bloggers want to see whats in the fridge, we want to see it good. i wonder if you know whats in the back of your fridge, or if you just cram more stuff in. hmmmm?

Aunt Jo said...

WAAAHHHH!! I just realized that the flash card in my fancyschmancy camera on loan to me won't fit in my slaptop!

Too bad.

Nice Fridge Anne The Wo-Man!

Fred said...

Wow - that's alot of grub in there! Where's the beer?

Carslemane Foraix said...

G'day Anne.

I've been trying to follow fridge photo tags since it started some time ago over at my place. Nice to see the tag is still going.

Anne said...

Suzie - I told you I had just got home from the grocery. Nothin' nauty about whole milk - it's organic too. No juice boxes here. My poor mistreated kids only get water or milk. I let them have a little juice but only at lunch or dinner.

We don't have a Safeway in my little town.

Auntie J - thanks chickie!

Fred - no beer here dude. That's a thing of the past.

Carslemane F - thanks for the visit. Hope to see (read) you again.

Lisa said...

Wow that is one full fridge !!!

Is it a Maytag??? It looks like my old one .

Anne said...

I think it's a Fridgedaire (sp?)

Meow said...

That's one full fridge, Anne. I reckon mine's not far off it, though. Been away for the weekend, haven't yet read Susie's post, don't know if I've been tagged .... aaaaahhhhh !! Take care, Meow

Foo said...

I don't see what the fuss is all about, especially with side-by-side refrig-a-deezers. There's never enough room in there for more than a few days' worth of groceries, leftovers, condiments and (yes, Fred) beer.

The last time I can ever remember my fridge being organised was when I was single, and that's mostly because a couple loaves of bread, some lunch meat, a few pizzas, and a case of diet soda don't take up that much room. Women need for food to be interesting, which means ingredients and leftovers that have to be stored. Unlike canned goods, fresh fruits and vegetables (reputed to be better) also have to be stored in the fridge.

Refrigerator overpopulation is unavoidable.

Darlene said...

Yours is about the fourth one I've seen today, thanks to Suzie. You won't be going hungry anytime soon, will you?

Anne said...

meow - thanks for the visit. It just looks full because I threw everything in there when I got back from the grocery.

foo - it's nearly impossible for me to keep my fridge organized. I just don't have enough "time on my hands".

darlene - by looking at us you can tell we're not going hungry in the household.

Seeker said...

I think it's safe to say carlesmane is not married...
(Fred, check out his fridge for the brewskies)