Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Favorite Lamp

These are my all time favorite lamps. I have another one matching this one on the other nightstand. I just really, really, like these lamps. I happened upon these little beauties in my mother-in-law's garage. Let me restate that she is an avid fan of "junkin'". She has spent most of her life shopping at the goodwill and various other "junk stores". For several months I walked past these things wondering why I liked these things so much. I still don't know. I just know that I finally told her how much I admire them every time I walk through her garage (it's the family entrance) I want to take them home with me. She's always willing to give me what she finds if I'm willing to take it off her hands. I DO complain about having too much junk in my house and I attribute it to her bringing me junk all the time. BUT, I just couldn't pass these babies up (I just hate to end my sentence with a preposition - but, it's how I talk).

So, now they are beautifully displayed in my bedroom giving off the best warm light ever. I have had several compliments on them also. I was astonished. I thought I was weird for liking them so much. They have a little button on the base to easily turn the lamps off and on. I wish I could put them in my living room but they won't work with the decor in there. But give me a little time and I will be relocating them somewhere where everyone can see them.

This is a picture I took of the kids one night while we were lounging around in my bedroom basking in the warm light from these great lamps. The warm light made this a great picture opportunity. You can see one of the lamps in the background in the top left of the picture. I still can't believe I actually like these things.


Granny said...

A preposition is something up with which which I will not put. (W. Churchill - probably slightly misquoted).

Thanks for your comment on granny. I enjoy new visitors. Would love to see you back anytime.

I like the lamps too and I'm a thrift store junkie.

Dawn said...

I love those lamps. When your blog was coming up the first thing I saw was the lamp and thought cool, that's something I would buy-was hoping you were going to tell us where you got them! Love 'em!

Your children look so sweet. Great picture!

Lisa said...

I love those lamps !!! They are something I would use as well ( though my hubby wouldn't agree ).

Very cute kiddos too.

Anne said...

granny - you would get along just nicely with my mom-in-law. I like to junk myself but I just don't like to shop at all. Anything that requires me to take a shower and go out is not appealing to me.

dawn - I'm not sure how old these things are but I'm just so happy to have them.

lisa - I'm surprised MY hubby liked these things.

thanks for the nice compliments on my kiddies.

osray said...

Just wait until you are married for 56 years and then try to get rid of all the stuff you have collected over the years. I like the lamps, looks like they were hand made for the most part.

Aunt Jo said...

I like them too. They are very unique and I bet no one in your neighborhood will have any. :o)

Badoozie said...

so, is what you are saying, that you like those lamps?: but why?

can't you please tell us why?

are both of your children wearing wife beater tank tops?

is that a spider web i see in the background?

uncle joe said...

I hate all the lighting in our house. Feels like my retinas are burning.................!

Badoozie said...

UJ hate is a strong word. i think you need to browse in anne's MIL's garage, and get yourself some decent lamps. that way, you could feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and find your happy place

Meow said...

They are really beautiful lamps, Anne. Gorgeous photo of your kiddies, too.
Take care, Meow