Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Just a friendly wave to everyone while out and about in the "van" yesterday. My precious son was in the back taking pics of the world around him. Sorry for the blue haze. It's the flash I think.


Badoozie said...

i can see your eyebrows poking up in the mirror, you have nicely arched eyebrows, good job. and that better be water in your cup holder.

Anne said...

It IS water by the way - I rarely go anywhere without my water.

Thanks for the eyebrow comment - they are naturally that way. I'm just an "all natural" kinda gal. :)

Dawn said...

Came across your blog and I must ask....what kind of motorcycle did you ride? My husband is trying to teach me!

osray said...

Hi Anne... came from Susies blog... I like susie somewhat but haven't really figured what somewhat it is I love about her. I like your choice of music.. Bluegrass. I don't pick but my sweetie is real good on piano (by ear) I managed Loretta Lynn's publishing company for three yrs. Wrote several songs and was a C&W DJ for several yrs. Too old now to do much but dream about the good old days.

Lucy Stern said...

I bet your son was having a great time taking pictures of mom and everything else. Cute picture.

Anne said...

Dawn - I started off on a 250 Nighthawk. It was easy to ride for a beginner and that's what they had in the training course (which I highly recommend the training class if there is one near you). I felt so much more comfortable after that class - it's just two weekends. Some of the bikes I've had besides the Nighthawk were - Honda GB 500, Suzuki Bandit, and the last two were Yamaha Seca II's. We're sport bike riders as you can tell. Also, I'm 5 ft tall and that DOESN'T help when riding sport bikes. The Nighhawk is nice because it has a more upright position. If I could buy another I think I would try a Verago (sp?) next. I think it sits more upright and better suited for shorter people. The GB 500 and theh Bandit were too top heavy for me. I always felt like I was trying to keep them from dropping whenever I stopped.

You'll probably go through several bikes before you find the one that "fits" you. I really miss it. I still have all my gear just in case some day I get a bike again.

Osray - Hi! Thanks for the visit. I LOVE Bluegrass. Used to play in a bluegrass band - played rythm guitar and was the lead singer. Decided to try a rock band after that but my roots still go back to Bluegrass. My all time favorite it Tony Rice and a lot of the bands from his era. I got a chance to see him while I was living in Nashville - he was solo at the Ryman Auditorium. Superb show.

Lucy - Hi there! Oh yes, he was having a ball. He just loves the digital camera. I do too - I don't have to buy film and develope it to see what he's taken pics of.