Tuesday, January 10, 2006


This is a delightful dessert I like to call Fluff-n-Stuff. This is my reward on the weekends when I'm reducing my carb intake. It has carbohydrates but not as much as most desserts and hay - a girl's gotta have her chocolate somehow.

1 package cream cheese (room temp)
1 large Cool Whip
Cocoa (I don't measure)
Sugar substitute (I use Stevia) to taste

Mix together cream cheese and cocoa then add Cool Whip a little at a time or you will have lumps (oooo - I don't like texture problems). Then sweeten to taste. I then put this delightful fluff back into the Cool Whip container and chill. I dish it out to serve and top with extra creamy Ready Whip. My sister likes to leave out the cocoa and add lemon juice. You can do whatever you want according to your taste. Enjoy!


Dawn said...

I think I might have to try this. It's looks really good. Thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

It's like a little chocolate cream pie.

Aunt Jo said...

A little bit of Heaven in a bowl! Yummy Hummy!

I am down 7 pounds, been walking every night with Joe and having a good time too!

Fred said...

I might be able to do this with my diet. Looks great!

Badoozie said...

sounds pretty darn good. this is the third time i've tried to post a comment. i'm getting t'o'd

Badoozie said...
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Bar Bar A said...

I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW! It looks so yummy!!!!

Meow said...

Yum, it looks great. Can't believe it is not too high in calories. Must try it. Would it work the same with low fat cream cheese ???
Take care,

Laura:) said...

Yes, it looks very good. God, I am on this Nourish system diet and can only eat what they make and salad. I am STARVING!

Anne said...

Aunti J - How great! I'm so proud of you!

Fred - it is so tastey! You just can't eat too much of it.

Susie - it has to be better than that microwave thingy.

WellW - It is yummy! I try to only make it on the weekends - it's my reward.

meow - I'm not sure about "low fat". I'm into reducing carbs not fat. You just have to read the labels of the ingredients and come up with a total carb per serving.

laura - what is Nourish? Come on over here and eat some fluff-n-stuff with me - it's mighty tastey.