Monday, January 16, 2006

Couch Tag!?

I do believe Suzie Badoozie is beginning to lose sleep from dwelling on blog topics.

Here's today's tag - hidden goods in my couch. What?! Nothing there?! I can't believe it!

I don't let the kids eat on the couch - we have the "picnic blanket" (as they call it - pictured below). Now, under the "lazyboy" you might find some hidden snacks left behind from recent snack-attacks. They just fall right through it and land on the carpet.


Aunt Jo said...

What trash?? Your cushions are not dirty. You cheater. You cleaned didn't you?? :o)

Cute little BedHeads!
Give 'em a squeeze from Aunt Josefina okay?

Aunt Jo said...

Come visit me today. I have a question or two for you.

Anne said...

This is funny - I was just at your blog leaving a post.

Kish said...

That is cool, I have this small table in my living room with a blanket underneath so Mason can have snacks in there sometimes. I have learned to compromise and pick less battles. Do you have anyone in your life that you feel judges your decisions as a parent? Just curious what your thoughts are and how you handle it.

Anne said...

Kish - less battles are best. I've learned that my son is all BOY!

Yes, I have ONE person in my life that makes me feel like an evil parent - my mother-in-law. Recently, she got upset with me because my son got in trouble for not obeying. She saw that it was about candy and it wasn't. I asked him not to do something and I HAD to stand by my decision whether it was a good battle or not. I tormented over that for weeks and am still bothered by it. But, I'm trygin to stick by my moto - I can't do anything about anyone but myself.

As parents, we struggle everyday about the parental decisions we make. That, in itself, is enough to deal with.

Kish said...

Yeah, I have a friend who kind of judged me. although she appologize, I still feel like whenever we are together, she is watching my every move as far as my son goes. She said something that really hurt my feelings, but she sincerely appologized and said it was a terrible mistake to say anything. So although I have forgiven her I have a hard time when i am around her still. I have decided that is one thing I want to put behind me and start fresh, but it is still hard cause there is always a constant reminder. it is tough when you have one person telling you that it doesn't appear your child gets discipline and it comes from a person you look up to, but then I have tons of others who compliment me. how come we always take the negative comments? geesh!

Badoozie said...

i'm like kish, i always pick up on the negative, so i know how hard it is to get over it. especially in regards to our kids, oh, how we prickle when they are attacked.

anne, you might get an award for the cleanest. we're those remotes actually on the side of the couch or were they in the cushions, come on, don't be afraid to tell little old susie !
there's got to be something about you we can pick on

lets have more MIL stories. i love them. or if you think she might read this, you can email me with them. its good to get it off your chest, cause you can't really talk to hubby about it, or anyone who might tell on you.

i'm a firm beiever in being firm when it comes to standing by something you said. so pick your battles. like dr dobson said, think about how you want to answer the child, before you answer, and then be prepared to stand by what you said. they have to know whose in charge

Anne said...

Suzie Badoozie - Yes, that's where the remotes were. I placed them there last night before going to bed. We have to locate them before bed. Did you notice the sword on the other end?

Kish - it's usually my mother-in-law that I'm always walking on eggshells with. I'm afraid to say anything to my kids in front of her.

Fred said...

Boy, you're quick with the tags. It is amazingly clean, though. Are you sure you didn't clean up just a little?:) I don't want to lift mine, it might be ugly.

Badoozie said...

i don't see any swords. when i enlarge, the end of the couch is fuzzy. we did find a toy ax in the road today. we picked it up even though dylan was concerned that it contained a listening device, and was placed there on purpose to track our moves. and believe me, we are movers. and shakers.

Anne said...

Fred - I promise I didn't clean it. There are tons of little pebbley things under there but not much.

Also, my son likes to take the cushions off and make a fort so when that happens we tend to find the lost toy or whatever else.

Suzie Badoozie - we found a $5 bill rolling through a parking lot last week. I jumped out of the car and snatched it up before anyone else got it.

Meow said...

Anne, I'm with you ... my couch was empty . I had actually cleaned it over the weekend, when I rearranged a bit, so I guess that was cheating. I never used to let my kiddy eat on the couch either. She does now (she is almost 12), and I do find chips and stuff, sometimes.
Take care,

Badoozie said...

a couple of years ago, i found a 5 dollar bill up under my car. i brought it in, and something (God) told me to go outside and look around. the wind was blowing really hard. we went up and down the street, and found nearly a hundred dollars. we could have really used it. BUT i also found an envelope some distance away, and it had been run over a few times but, inside of it, was an id card of a male and it was for a local bank. so guilt ridden, i called the bank, and reported it. they called him. turned out to be a young man, who had worked harvest, and had cashed his check to go to the prom, and had lost the envelope of money the night of. well, he got it back, change and all.

he was very happy,

i better get a prize in heaven for that. or else. HARUMPH

Kish said...

Anne - I hope your MIL doesn't live close then? I hate walking on egg shells for anyone. I lived that way my whole life as my mother was very moody and still is.

Susie- good deed girl!