Monday, November 28, 2005

Leftovers *@$!

That's right! If I eat another bite of turkey I'm going to be sick! Not to mention pie, cake, dressing... I gained four pounds. Did I say four (4)? Yes, FOUR! I am such a particular person about what we eat in this household. Not too many nasty carbohydrates or processed foods - we stick with organic and drink mostly water. I actually cook from scratch and our microwave is rarely used except to heat up the occasional leftovers. I was soooo miserable the next morning after eating all that junk! This is Sunday and I'm STILL trying to recover.

Apart from feeling miserable from food, it was great to have everyone over for the holiday. My mom spent the night and helped with things and helped the kids decorate the Christmas tree. My kids have their own Christmas boxes containing the ornaments I get for them each year. They got so excited to get their boxes out and hang the ornaments on the tree. These days don't last forever and I try to enjoy every moment.

On a separate note, I have to have my teeth worked on tomorrow. I am not happy! I have eight fillings needing repair - they are causing fractures in my teeth. I'm having four fixed tomorrow and four next week. I'm a freak about my teeth. I floss regularly, I take calcium, I see the dentist every 6 months. The thought of having a shot in my mouth is enough to set me over the edge. But, after two c-sections I'm sure I will survive.

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Badoozie said...

I hear you about the teeth. i recently had to get most of my mercury fillings replaced. all that drilling rattled my brain, but it looks SO much better.