Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Cleaning Meme" - Finally

Okay, over at the GobSlobber's... I mean, Gobstopper's... man, too many name changes over there - over at Badoozer's she's handed out work assignments and I'm afraid if I don't comply she will hop a plane or the nearest interstate and end up at my front door. So, without further ado and to save my family from Stalkadoozer I give you a look into my night table. If you look closely (not too close now) you will see that I wrote "Hi" to all you fine bloggers in the dust. Also, my bedding is currently in the laundry and therefore the reason for my nay-ked bed.

On top of this wonderful table that's just the right height is my clock (alarm seldom used), Shaklee multi-purpose cream (you know I had to plug my business), a pen, my chiropractor's business card, a mini paper cutter from Creative Memories (no, not my business but I like their stuff), a book called Homeschooling, The Early Years. Now, why would I have a paper cutter on my night table? The Hubbs and I were watching something after folding a mound of laundry on the bed a few nights ago and I needed to cut out some flash cards for math before the next morning.

Interesting angel shot of contents.

LIST: Alarm Clock/Radio - very dusty for some reason.
Magic Cards box and instructions.
Dirt Bike trading cards - HubbaDood was happy to see those.
Unused Tissue.
Base to ear thermometer - so that's where that went.
Home Depot sand timer.
Tie-Backs for curtains I don't have anymore - sold in yard sale.
Folded piece of paper - not sure what's on it.
Plastic Hunting Knife - who does THAT belong to?
Plastic Key
Flap from a Bob the Builder book.
Velvet bag - nail polish came in it.
Ear plugs - interesting because The Hubbs doesn't snore TOO bad. But, "TOO bad" to me is when the walls are vibrating... down the hall.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, YES I DID put all that stuff back in the drawer - I'm not in the mood to find the permanent home for those items.


Reverberate58 said...

At least you now know where all of it is! Interesting assortment of items to have by the bed! I personally like the plastic knife!

Badoozie said...

oh, but you messed up. you have to unfold that piece of paper and read whats on it, or this is null and void, and i'll buy an airplane ticket. heehee

love the dust writing. thats like sky writing, but a lot cheaper. and i love your memory of my name. gobslobber is my fav.

Fred said...

Oh, that's too funny. The "hi" is beautiful. I'd need a hammer and chisel if I did the same thing.

Aunt Jo said...

Dust In The Wind........or on the nightie table. Whatever floats your boat! :o)